Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Year !

Happy February 29th! It's Leap Year!
We enjoyed another gorgeous sunshiny day with 65 degree weather in February - CrAZy
So after explaining to Hunter that it was a special day - we LEAPED with JOY!
But only for a minute, because chasing (or stepping on) each other's shadows is WAY more fun.  :)
 And of course every here lately, every celebration must include glow sticks.  When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew Hunter would love it too.  
 I just wish that they were reusable . . .  
I have to admit, the bubbles and glow sticks were a "pretty tool" combination.
 Can't help but adore this little man,  (who informed me today when I called him 'my snuggle bunny' that he was my "Hunter man."  hahaha  OHH how I love this stage - but it's just going by too fast . . . I told him that he'd be six years old the next time we celebrated Leap Year.  And oh how quickly that will be here . . .

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
James 3:13

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1st Family Photo Shoot in 2 1/2 years

I'd been wanting to have some professional photos taken of Hunter since we hadn't had any taken after he turned 1.  And then I realized that we'd actually NEVER had any family pictures taken professionally, like - since he was born!!  So when I saw a great deal on 'Deal Piggy' back in the fall, I snatched it up - and I'm so glad I did! Bethany, with 2 little boys of her own, knew exactly how to work with Hunter and the whole experience was fantastic!
You never know how toddlers will act, or how great their participation will be -- and Andrew & I were definitely concerned about our shy little man.  Luckily after a few minutes of warming up (and the fact there was a 'brush pile' out there for him and Daddy to add sticks too) Hunter was full of smiles and was proud to show them off.
Make a wish . . .
My 2 Favorite boys
Unconditional love . . .
Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage
Thank you Lord, for I am blessed beyond measure

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.
James 1:17-18

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 1/2 in Full Swing

Turning 2 was a major mile stone in our little man's life . . .  But I never dreamed how big of a deal turning 2 1/2 would truly be.  For Hunter, it's been about as different as newborn to 6 months old was.  It's absolutely amazing and we are loving every minute of it!!  I LOVE 2 1/2 !!

So what's been going on??

Well, after a short span of despising bathtime - Hunter is back to LOVING them.  
He could spend the entire day swimming in the tub . . .
And literally there are many days where he does take 2 or 3 baths !
Of course all baths must be in Mommy's big tub
And "bath beads" are a new favorite treat!!
It's been a great way for him to play and burn up some energy, and warm up, on these chilly winter days.
He's getting soooo much better when it comes to cooperation and understanding.  I know that it's partly because of his age but also because I continue to learn my child and better understand how to handle him!  So when situations like haircuts come around, we can talk about it in the days prior, to help better prepare him.  Our last haircut was night and day better than our previous attempts!  Not much more than a few head jerks and whines - so major melt downs or embarrassing scenes  ; )
He thinks it's SO FUN to sport this style, the "choo-choo"
Although Mommy can't help but love this 'little boy look'
Now when it comes to food, our little man hasn't changed too much.  He still has his favorites - eggs, hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, bananas, raw carrots, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, & shrimp.
But he has added Go-Gurt or "Yo-dirt" to the list.
 We discovered that adding a few 'sprinkles' make even undesirable dishes much more fun!  : )
We can FINALLY enjoy a sit down dinner at a restaurant again!!
 Although Chic-Filet or "Donalds" are still his favorites - which he now fully recognizes the arches and pleads to go to on a regular basis . . .
One of the BIGGEST changes we've seen in Hunter has been his ability to be separated from us - or during 'drop-offs'.  Literally the two weeks before Christmas break Hunter was excited about going to KDO and with nothing more than a kiss goodbye, walked right into class - NO Tears!
But I was so worried that after a couple weeks break, we'd be starting over from scratch . . . NOPE, besides a couple quick hesitations at the door, our little man seems to have finally come to terms with saying goodbye and being separated from us for a little bit!
And not just with school, it's been easy drop-offs at church, nursery, and recently at Awanas.  We still talk through the day so he won't have too many surprises, and usually end the conversation with, "So when we get to class, Hunter is going to say, "Bye Mommy, I love you, see you in a little bit!" and I always remind him that "Mommy always comes back."  This has really seemed to make a difference.  He also likes the idea of while "Hunter & Ava go to their class, Mommy & Abby go to their class."

Becoming more independent!!
Recently, if he can do it "by myself" then it's going to be a battle to do it any other way . . . And sometimes it's all about choosing your battles.

So, he can pack his own snacks for the road.
 He can pick out his own outfits . . .
 He can (try to) dress himself . . .
He forgot the tag went in back and the hole went in front... precious little booty cheeks!!
 He can reach (or figure out how to) just about EVERYTHING!!!  And drags my old stool everywhere  : )
Something clicked at 2 1/2 and now our little guy LOVES to clip his fingernails and toenails!! Who would have ever thought - CrAziNess.  Since he was born I have secretly been clipping them while he was sound asleep because the times we tried while his little eyes were open - horrendous!  Screaming like he was dying . . . to wanting to "mommy, need hep twip nails."
The second unbelievable change came Christmas night, after he had received a new 'Dora & Diego' electric toothbrush that morning.  Hunter was very excited about using it and opened right on up!  I sing the theme song to Dora while brushing, which seems to help pass the time quicker.  We now manage an entire brush without the need for full body restraint & ear plugs for the intense crying and screaming. And whats even crazier - he's LOVING the new floss pics too!! YAH!!  Mommy is especially excited over this new accomplishment - whew!
He also fully understands he has 3 unique birthmarks and will point them out.  :)  I think it's too cute, and also helpful, as every once in a while someone will ask him about the one next to his eye.  The only problem I've seen from this, is that he will now point out other peoples - moles, freckles, etc - and say, "yous birfmark?"  Luckily everyone that this has happened to has been very kind & understanding, but hopefully I can quickly teach him to keep those kind of comments to himself.  :)
Yep, he just keeps growing & getting bigger . . .
And cuter and sweeter . . .
He's learning how to wink (after Granny taught him how) . . .
And how to smile pretty for pictures!
And probably the most drastic change during the last couple months of 2 1/2 
He can repeat most anything now but still completely catches us off guard every single day wit the words and phrases he comes up with! Brand new and and totally hilarious!).  This little man keeps us laughing for sure.  
Here are some quotes I've jotted on the calendar: 
--Hunter finally started saying "Grandmommy" right at 2 1/2 which is SO precious
--Told me to "Hush Mommy." And after I picked my chin up off the floor, I told him that wasn't nice and asked him who says that?  His response, "Teachers say hush & babies go night night"  ohhhh, oops ;)
--After spilling some pretzels Hunter ran over to the (naughty) step and set down and said, "Sorry Mommy!"   hahahha
--Current favorite phrases:  "nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnnn-nnnno"  ""why?"  "why mommy?"  "shoot!" "ohh my doodness"  "
--When he's asked to stop playing he begs, "Pway bidit it, mommy?" "one mo minute? pweeeeasw?" We usually compromise with one more minute or 5 more minutes, which is usually met with an, "O-taaay Mommy"
--We were discussing his bible story and the art/craft from church one morning.  When I asked him what did Jesus feed all the people, he responded, "fish & marshmallows."  close.  ;)
--When I exclaim/react about even the littlest thing, Hunter is quick to reassure me by saying, "it's O-tay Mommy."
--One morning my sweet helper brought me his Daddy's electric razor, patted my (prickly) legs, and said, "fix it."  ohhh he's smart
--He LOVES his 'Cars' movies and impersonates the star, "wipe-me-queen" and jumps his little booty to the side yelling "KA-CHOW!"
--much more consistant with his 'yes mam and no mam,' but using the mam or sir correctly seems to be quite difficult for him.  Though if you ask, "is Daddy a mam or sir?"  He is always 100% accurate with everyone
--at 32 months he (for sure) knew all of his main colors. The first time he played with his bathtub crayons he was dumping them all out and hollered, "No pink - yucky!"  WHAT?  hahaha we had not worked on pink at home, nor have I ever called it yucky.  This must have been learned at school.  :)
--He aslo knows the shapes; square, circle, heart, star, moon, and his two favorites - the diamond and triangle.
--He can count to 15 without help and loves loves loves to sit and just count things . . . looks like he's got a little Andrew or Aunt Emily in him, cause he sure didn't get that from his momma!  haha
--I turned on House Hunters to listen to while I was picking up the house, and Hunter was playing in his toy closet one morning, when he very kindly informed me that "my shows now; brefest time. Yous shows nite nite time."  Glad he could clear that up for me.
--He can help sing, "On top of spaghetti," "the ABC song," head, shoulder, knees and toes," and a couple others from KDO that we haven't quite sure figured out... :)
Its just so amazing how he continues to grow and develop every single day.  He communicates with more than just single words, because now there are actual discussions, and back-and-forth exchanges.  I love to talk to him about school and his bible lessons.  Actually I just love to hear him talk and tell stories or his opinion,  And even though he tells me that he's "not my baby" and that he's "my big boy."  its just so amazing to see him turn into this little boy-child right before our very eyes.

"Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance. In Your name they rejoice all day long, And in Your righteousness they are exalted."
Psalms 89:15,16