Saturday, August 27, 2011

One HOt Summer!!

A record heat wave settled over NWA this summer that included 17 consecutive days of temperatures at or above 100º. That tied the record of 17 days set back in 1934 during the dust bowl, the highest temperature reaching 111º just a couple of weeks ago... Needless to say, it has been HOT!!! So we have spent our days splashing in the pool, doing puzzles in the air conditioning, and enjoying lots of cold summer treats! I for one, really don't mind the heat & try not to complain - give me a hot sunny day over a freezing cold one ANYTIME!! (side note: As long as I'm not having to work in a 110º office with absolutely no air conditioning or breeze, wearing scrubs, lab coat, a mask, & gloves, while trying not drip sweat on my patients... yes that did happen one day this July, when our air went out over the weekend at our office, and yes we finally closed up shop at noon when temperatures soared, and yes it was miserable!)  But like I said, I love summer!! It's my favorite season (fall pulls a close second but for similar reasons). I love the time spent outdoors and the flexibility & easiness of life... as seen through these pictures...

Hunter's favorite restaurant is Chick-Filet, not necessarily becase of the chicken nuggets & fries, which he also enjoys, but because of the slide & play equipment! We've enjoyed several play dates there this summer, which this particular day was spent with Parker, Payton, Ava, & Micah. 
Our little man LOVES sandboxes. This box was recently created in a wonderful area beneath several large shade trees, just down the road from us at the local Springdale park. Hunter's other favorite sandbox is quite funny actually, because it's located in front of Tropical Smoothie, which of course he starts begging to play in the minute we pull into the parking lot! This particular day we accidentally showed up to the Aquatic Park an hour early and needed to kill some time... of course Hunter didn't mind one bit. But boy was it hot!!  We were very excited and eager to get into the water! Hunter loves the water too - especially the little slides and sprinklers!
Hunter's 1st Snow Cone!! 
Of course, he LOVED it - how could he not, being that it's pure sugar!! He also loved playing with his cousins who, for both, he calls "Payt." He was so cute wanting to hold their little hands as they walked around, even though the girls weren't as thrilled about it.
Most evenings are spent just like this... playing out in the yard just being a boy getting all sweaty and filthy! Hunter is such a big helper when it comes to chores around the house and yard, especially when it comes to doing anything with the water hose.
Side walk chalk, or "Shawk" as Hunter likes to call it, has also been an ongoing activity this summer. He loves for me to draw pictures of objects that he can name, or trace our hands or bodies. We also work on his skills, like drawing lines & circles - which surprisingly he is very good at!
Of course feeding the ducks is another fun pass time, especially when all the baby ducklings are out and about! And this activity is as much fun for me as it is for our little man!
And we can't feed the ducks without a trip to the "swide & fwings"! Note to self: a picnic at a park with this many visual disturbances, does not make it easy to convince a 2 year old to sit on a blanket and "relax & enjoy" dinner... but it was fun anyway!
It took almost all summer to remember the fact that FAC has a fantastic pool/toddler area for me & Hunter to enjoy! So we've gone a few times recently, and of course Hunter loves it. He is almost too brave for to handle though - the first time we went, I took him by myself and he insisted that he go down the BIG slide. Which isn't a huge deal but the ladder is steep and slippery so I was helping (trying to - he likes to do it all himself) him climb up and then jumping in as fast as I could to "catch" him (though I don't think I actually caught him once...) So when Daddy went with us the next time, Hunter showed out big time for him!
This was my attempt of an action shot... Not the best, but I was trying to capture the intensity and lack of fear our child has. He literally just barrels off into the water at full speed, over and over and over again.
Hunter gets such joy from his play time with Ava! I love to watch them and see all the ways in which they are alike and different. Ava's vocabulary is far superior, which hopefully teaches & encourages him to develop in that area; whereas Hunter is much more daring which pushes (sometimes literally) and challenges her to try new adventures!
There is just something wonderful about night time swimming... the moon, the lights, the glow of the water... Ahhh...

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." 
John 14:27