Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun in February 2013

Though mostly cold, February brought us a couple pleasant days to get outside & enjoy the great outdoors.  
Chalk on the trampoline may be one of our new favorite activities
 We even managed a nature hike around Lake Fayetteville - this has become A MUCH REQUSTED pastime for Hunter & Andrew, which is sweet & fun and gives me a little rest or alone time with baby Hudson.
Another activity Hunter is greatly entertained by & is helping us survive all of the too-cold-to-go-outside days is the Ipad.  Hunter has about 10-20 games he thoroughly enjoys and loves for us to play with him.  One of his favorites that we all fairly enjoy is called 'Hay Day' where we grow crops & raise animals; buying & selling to expand our farm.  Andrew & I joke, its a way to feel productive while never moving off the couch. haha  Daddy is much better in this area, as Mommy has maybe 3 games I enjoy/understand/play. haha  A few times lately Hudson has insisted on joining in on the fun. . . can't leave the little guy out!

Valentine Love
For our Valentine's craft we used finger paints & a heart-shaped cookie cutter
And made Valentine's cards to hand out at the nursing home.
 I love this precious little tradition we've been so blessed to be apart of . . .
Grandmommy came up for an early Valentine celebration
She can't resist their sweet hugs & kisses either
I love how Grandparents spoil us all  :)

Happy Valentine's Day
I started our morning off with a new recipe I'd found for 'Red Velvet' Pancakes with Cream Cheese 'Syrup.'  Hunter tried one bite & asked for regular pancakes. . . Andrew was equally enthused.  They were a bit too sweet, but I still somehow managed to choke mine down.  LOL
I love this sweet shirt I found at Rhea Lana's for Hunter.  And Hudson's blue puppy sleeper was originally Colt's (25 years ago).  Mom said it was the first 'boy outfit' her and dad bought for him.  It is soooo soft & snuggly, and just sweet.
Andrew & Hunter went on a special shopping trip and came back with my Valentine.  Daddy tried his best to guide & suggest Hunter in a certain gift direction but he was dead set on getting his mommy these three balloons - one with red flowers, a pink Dora, and a HUGE heart! hahaha
I of course thought it was the best present in the world & couldn't have asked for anything better.  Besides, is there anything better than their excitement over giving a gift they love?  :)  Not to me - I LOVE IT. . . the best part of any gift is feeling the love behind it.
A mommy couldn't ask for two more precious Valentines
To make the day special, Hunter and I decided to make Daddy a Valentine's Day dinner.  So first we made chocolate covered strawberries. . .
 (then we had to test a few out of course)
Then it was time for decorations.  Hunter has really begun to enjoy setting the table.  He likes to place each item just so-so and recently even started requesting placing name cards at each seat (I'm really not sure where he learned about that detail but he thinks it makes dinner more fun.)   :)
When Andrew finally arrived home, it was time to open gifts!!
Daddy had fun at the Dollar Tree - haha - Silly String, Slinky, Silly Putty, and a few other throw backs from our childhood days.
1st time to play with silly string - and of course he was a fan
After a quick play, it was time for our Valentine's Candlelit Dinner for 3. . .
Hunter absolutely LOVED our 'special' dinner (spaghetti of course) and was so cute using his big boy table manners  :)
Seriously?  Could they be any cuter?
Hudson hung out in his bouncy seat throughout dinner and at some point during clean-up, Hunter was sneaky sneaky and had a little fun 'decorating' with Valentine's stickers. . .
Poor Lily & baby Hudson - So festive.

Not only did Hunter get to celebrate Valentines' Day at KDO, but February is also Dental Awareness Month! (of course, a favorite of mine! hahah)  
He's really into taking "selfies" lately, so I indulged him a little - LOL 
 I had to let Hudson in on the action as well

Love is in the Air
My darling cousin Amy said "YES" and we are super excited to welcome Jhase into the Hicks family
So what's a girl to do once she gets a gorgeous ring??  Well find a gorgeous dress to go with it of course!!  Or at least have some fun & giggles trying some one.  :)
Will this be THE ONE?
We missed you Aunt Betsy - maybe next time you can be the favorite - haha
She didn't say "Yes to the dress" but as always, we sure had a great time together. . .

In other breaking news. . .
After a fun dinner visit with a few friends, Peyton & Parker announced they were going to be BIG SISTERS!  
Baby Hicks #3 to arrive in September 2013
So excited for another cousin-friend for baby Hudson!  Yeah, He's totally psyched.

Later in the month on a nice non-frigid day, Andrew took Hunter on a fun & adventurous day of 4-wheeling. 
Needless to say both my big boys were in muddy heaven.  haha
Baby brother was happy to get to join in on the washing OFF of all that muddy fun.
Gotta love brothers in the bathtub. . .

But as predicted by the groundhog. . .  winter will be hanging around for a few more weeks
But no tears here - we LOVE snowdays at this house!
Although, I was very glad Pa had driven up to visit us and help burn some energy while Andrew was traveling. . . and with the potential loss of electricity & worsening weather conditions, we bummed a ride back to Russellville to stay at momma's house until Andrew made it back & could take us all home.
I snappend this picture early one morning during our visit. . .
Somehow, somewhere, I had also slept in the queen size bed.  ;)  Good thing we all like to snuggle!

And just like that, another amazing month has come & gone. . .  But my heart is full.  We are happy, we are healthy, and the love of Jesus is ever so present in our lives.  I am so blessed.  And I am so thankful.

And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.
2 Peter 1:4