Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hudson 4 Months

On Wednesday, March 6th, you turned FOUR months old!
I know. . . I can't believe it either! hahaha
 I love your chubby leg rolls - so sweet
My little cabbage patch baby
Your smiles & coos are too much to handle

Your chunky monkey self weighs in at 14 lbs.  You are still wearing a size 2 diaper, but you could probably move up to a 3.
And you can already wear many of the outfits Hunter wore when he was 6-9mo. I'm still trying to decide if you are really that much bigger than Hunter or if the clothes have just shrunk, or if I dressed him in too small of outfits?  You are only 4 months - how can this be?

Your lashes are starting to grow - but Hunter's didn't get super long until around 6mo, the same time we noticed his eyes turning the rich chocolate color they are.  Your eyes are still just 'dark' -- only time will tell.  Beautiful regardless. 
EVERYONE says you have my nose  ;)  Sorry, I hope it's not too bad a thing
Your cradle cap caused most of your hair to fall out, but it has mostly cleared up and your hair is very slowly beginning to grow again.  You have the old man look, where its longer on sides & back and dark fuzzy on top.  :) hehehe
Still have your little strawberry birthmark on the back of your neck - just like Mommy's
And as far as the rest of you. . . well, sometimes you look like your mommy
Or Uncle Colt
Sometimes you look like your big brother
Other times you look like daddy
And sometimes you just look like you.  :)

You no longer sleep through the night, EVER.  Big Boo.  You were doing soooo good - what happened???  :(  You usually wake up every 3 hours, nurse for a few minutes and then go right back to sleep.  Is it a growth spurt making you extra hungry, or a new bad habit??  
You pretty much go to sleep for every nap and bedtime while nursing. Whoopsie  ;)   (I thought I might do things different this go around)  And I keep trying to force you to like a paci but still no luck, you just kinda play with it.

Well I pretty much gave up on the whole 'taking a bottle' issue.  You just won't have it and I'm tired of messing with it.  I may try in a couple months. . . or I may just move on to a sippy cup. 
You did have your first taste of SOLIDS this month - Baby Oatmeal cereal.  You made a funny face but you still ate every bite.  You did really well during the first several meals, but then I possibly overfed you one night and you proceeded to throw every bit of it back up all over your clothes & crib (which I unfortunately didn't turn the lights on, and stuck my hands right into it.  I almost threw up myself trying to get the mess and smell cleaned up.)  Since then, you have gagged, choked, or spit out every bite I've offered to you.  uhh ohh.  :(  
On a positive note, you still love to nurse and since "breast-is-best" and for the fact that you are growing at such a rapid pace, I guess we are doing OK!  Does this double chin look like its missing many meals?  haha

You really enjoy your bouncy seat and play mat, and have really started grabbing at the toys that dangle from them.  I love so much that you love these items, as it makes life so much easier.  I can cook dinner, fold a load of laundry, leave the room if I need to take care of Hunter -- and you just stay there and happily play.  Its GLORIOUS.  (things are much more appreciated when your firstborn never did them)
You are such a laid back, content, happy baby. Sometimes we forget you are even in the room because you are fine to just sit there and take everything in!
And because you love to be on your play mat and belly so much, you are such a pro at holding your head up and propping yourself up on your arms.
You are LAUGHING all of the time now.  You especially think that Daddy & Hunter are funny, but I can get you giggling really hard when the sleepies set in.
At the end of the month, I put you in your exersaucer, and of course you loved it.  You aren't quite big or strong enough for it just yet, but it was a fun few minutes.  :)

TV -- I came home from a quick trip to Walmart and Daddy had you propped up in front of the tv -- Seriously??  Daddy's excuse was that he was trying to cook dinner.  Hmmm. . .  it makes me laugh when I try to imagine Daddy staying home with you 2 boys everyday and getting things accomplished.  ;)  He's an awesome daddy, but I don't think God created him to be a stay-at-home-dad.   hahaha
You are ON-THE-MOVE.  If you could run, you would.  Unless you are sound asleep, you are never still, and even then you are often restless.  You aren't the quiet snuggler that Hunter was, you rarely stop moving.  I can only imagine how life will change when you become mobile!  ahhhhhh  Even your bouncy seat won't hold you still - it took a few times of you conking your head, for me to realize that I had to fasten you down just to keep you in it!  And you are FAST.
You have rolled over - but it seems to come and go.  This is about your usual.
Yes... you are still trying to SIT UP
(don't worry, I knocked you over after I snapped the picture - now stop trying to grow up)
You have also learned to GROWL.  It's hilarious - and you do it constantly.  It's a deep growl mixed with a grunt that comes from way down in your belly/throat, kind of like a bear.  It makes us laugh every time.

Loving You:
I wish there were words to explain my love for you... but there are none good enough.  So I hope that you can feel it, every single day, for the rest of your life, I hope you can feel and remember how deep and infatuating my love is for you.  You are my joy.  You continually make me grow and be better.  You fill my days, my nights, my thoughts, and my heart.  I love you sweet, precious boy.
Happy 4 Months Hudson Ryder

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."
Matthew 11:28-29