Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was all kinds of different this year.  We had so many different activities going on and with Hunter finally at age to really enjoy them, we may have over done it a bit . . . you know how first time parents do.  :)

Our first bit of celebrating started with KDO.  I let Hunter pick out the 12 plastic eggs (tie-dye) and candy (starburst) to fill them with (at his favorite store, Wal-Mart, lol)  He was very excited about the whole thing and helped me with every step. 
As we were working on the eggs I explained to him what we would be doing with them; taking them to school, letting the teachers hide them, and then sharing them with his friends.  But because I know my son so well, as we discussed the matter, I realized that this may not fly because the thought of others "taking" HIS eggs might be a problem.  I also realized that he didn't understand what "hunting eggs" meant.  So - we had a couple practice rounds around the house.  He absolutely LOVED this new game - and was pretty good at it, because by the 3rd round I was hiding them in fairly difficult places.
Ready for Kids Day Out - Easter Party
I was glad we practiced (and then recapped it all again on our way to school that morning) because his teachers said he did wonderful and seemed like he had such a fun day!  --- I love this new stage of "talking" about school and what's going on.  He says the cutest things and always with such emotion.  haha  When we got home, our first priority was to open each egg and see what all treats he got -- and then we sampled and shared each kind.  (both of us had tummy aches soon after)
Easter Weekend
Like every other Easter for the past (too many to count) years, we made our way to Booneville to celebrate with the family.  Instead of having the main celebration on Sunday after church, we had it on Saturday (our family is getting so large, we just have to celebrate when the majority of the group can meet.)
So after a delicious breakfast, the ladies started baking. 
Momma and Aunt Betsy attempted (and succeeded) at baking their 1st--from scratch--Lemon Meringue Pie.  And Amy made her famous cheesy mashed potatoes - Yumm
Then it was off to Granny's church's Easter Day celebration.  It was a gorgeous day and Hunter & Grace had a blast.  They participated in another egg hunt and an egg relay race, all resulting in more candy.
Hunter's favorite activity was the inflatable slide.  It was pretty steep and therefor pretty fast, but my no fear child didn't waiver, just laughed and pleaded "again again."
Taking a break with Granny under a beautiful shade tree . . .
My little boy is growing up SO fast -- I can't believe he can do all the big kid stuff.  (though it scares me to death sometimes -- like when his daddy kept swinging him just as high as Grace -- Ahh)
It was a beautiful and fun day -- we may have to make this a new tradition
A Family Picture (such a rare thing anymore!)
Once we were back to Granny's, it was time to get the egg dyeing started -- after 30 years of doing this for so many grandchildren and now great grandchildren, I think we've about got the process mastered.
My little man was ALL about it
We've gotten smarter over the years - too many spills, oops' and colored fingers grabbing at you -- smocks are the way to go
Hunter's technique was a bit unique but oh so precious. 
Lacy & Dessi
Hunter's end product - such the artist
The Coffman boys tested out the Kool-Aid method from Pinterest. . .
with mixed reviews
After the eggs were colored - it was time for another Easter Egg Hunt.  These 3 took over the Easter Bunny's job of "hiding" the eggs this year. 
Boy how things change over the years . . . We've probably been doing egg hunts at Granny & Papaw's for about 30 years now and we've really seen some changes.  When I was little, us "older" cousins (Britt, Davin, Me, Lacy, Ashley) used REAL eggs and there was usually 1 Prize Egg that contained a couple quarters.  As more kids (Colt, Levi, and Amy) were added, it became a mixture of real and plastic eggs, with maybe 5 prize eggs and a Grand Prize egg containing $1, that were hidden SO WELL that it took us all afternoon to find the eggs.  Then the 3rd round (Dakota, Hallie, Kyle, & Kevin) came along and egg hunting became more relaxed, as "older" cousins took over hiding and helping hunt.  Granny also started putting out many more Prize eggs (because she's getting soft in her old age - hehehe - and everyone needed to win). Oh but now with this generation (Kent, Grace, Dessi, Hunter, Payton, & Parker) -- things have really changed.  We've moved on to all plastic eggs that are all filled with money!  What ??  Well, I guess I shouldn't complain - Hunter found enough to wash Mommy's car and make it all pretty - sweet boy  ;)
Look who was watching us hunt eggs - Mommy bird
God created beautiful eggs for Easter too  :)

After a wonderful dinner with the Hicks' we headed to Russellville to meet up with Colt & Abby for Easter Sunday.  My little man woke up to 2 Easter baskets full of goodies (yes he's spoiled, and his Nanna Cheree had another one for him when we went to her house later).
We tried to get him into clothes, but he insisted that "underwears is enough."  :)
Pretty proud and excited
Of course we couldn't-not have a chocolate peanut butter Reeses egg (or 2 or 3) before church
Family Photo Shoot
One more egg hunt - this time for the big kids -- Colt and Abby found the Grand Prize Egg winning them a beloved Sonic gift card
In the end, it was another wonderful Easter.  And though we celebrated with coloring & hunting eggs, receiving baskets of goodies brought by the Easter bunny, and laughing together with family - what we truly celebrate this Easter is the joy of Christ's love for us . . .

And (Jesus) said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
Luke 24:46-47