Friday, August 9, 2013

Hunter becomes a Big Brother

It's been a long and wonderful journey that began in February 2012.  In an instant our little man went from being our 'baby' to not only our 'big boy'. . .
but also a 'big brother.'  
 He's always been drawn to babies, but learning that he would soon be getting his very own baby fueled his love & curiosity.
From Day 1 he wanted his own "baby Landon" and referred to it as such, for months.
 As Mommy's belly began to grow, so did Hunter's fascination & excitement.  We learned about babies from books, movies, and doctor appointments. . .
We talked about babies, played with babies, and even pretended to be a baby. . .
We celebrated with friends as they welcomed siblings & growing bellies into their families. . .
And in June, our hearts were overjoyed when we learned that our baby was a BOY and that not only was Hunter going to BE a brother, but now he was going to HAVE a brother.
We couldn't have been happier to be blessed with 2 precious little men.
And how did we celebrate this new information??  Like a little boy after my own heart, he insisted baby brother needed some new clothes, and that HE needed to pick them out at Wal-Mart (still his favorite store).  Of course I couldn't tell him no.  :)
One of the biggest steps in preparing for our new baby, was  creating Hunter's big boy room . . .
And his transition to sleeping in his bunk beds rather than in our bed.  He sure gave us some laughs along the way:
--"But mommy, yous not have nobody to sweep wif" (one night when Andrew had gone out of town)
-- "I'm fraid of the swime monster." (Grandmommy read him a book with a slime monster in it, oops)
-- "ahhh, nice and comfy"
-- "We can all fit, Mommy, Daddy, & Hunter.  All of us together."
It took about 6 weeks to fill up his 14 day sticker chart (for sleeping all night in his bed) but what an exciting day it was to put that last sticker on and head to the store to pick out his prize!
For WEEKS he'd been saying he wanted to get the game, "Pop the Pig" but when it was decision time, "Where's My Water?" somehow made it into the basket.  "Pop the Pig" did finally join our family a few weeks later when he filled up his second sticker chart.  ;)
 Not only did Hunter get a new room, but so did baby brother, and Hunter was there helping us every step of the way!
 Hunter immediately accepted Hudson as a 4th member to our family and included him in EVERYTHING.  If we slipped up and didn't mention brothers name, he was quick to add that "Hudson is coming too" or "Hudson needs dinner also."  I ate up every bit of it and LOVED that even though Hudson wasn't physically present to hold or touch, Hunter felt & understood that he truly was a part of our family already.
So after months and months of prepping, talking, waiting, and loving we were ALL ready for baby Hudson's arrival. . .
Especially his big brother Hunter, who was just beginning to learn of the important role that God has given him.
I explained that God has given him, and ONLY HIM, the job of being Hudson's big brother and that there will never ever be anyone else given that same responsibility and privilege.
He thinks he's ready . . .
 November 6th 2012 - Big Brother Day!!!
All of the excitement and anticipation was a little overwhelming, but their first meeting was better than I could have dreamed.  Hunter has always been one to show all of his emotions through his facial expressions, and he did not hold back. . . with the purest joy imaginable, his little face beamed and his insides giggled as he set those big brown eyes on his baby brother for the first time.
They were a match made in Heaven . . .
The week following Hudson's arrival was wonderful.  Hudson was the perfect newborn and Hunter accepted him, loved him, and helped me out more than I could have hoped for.  My little man was SO EXCITED over taking these newborn photos with his baby brother!
Just melts a mommy's heart . . .
 What will the future hold for these two?
 And my absolute favorite!
Family of FOUR
I had planned for our attire to be the same as in our maternity shoot, with Hudson being wrapped in the scarf I had been wearing... Instead Hunter had a total meltdown mid-shoot and insisted on wearing his green "choo-choo" fleece.  In the end, it was either the choo-choo fleece or a photo excluding big brother... I chose to lose this battle and capture a "real life" moment to treasure forever.  :)  Oh little man, how much I love you.
As days turned into weeks,
And weeks turned into months . . .
Their brotherly bond continues to grow. . .
As CRazY
and amazingly wonderful as could be.
Becoming a big brother didn't change everything though. . . He is still "twiddling."  
Due to big belly & now a new baby, my ability to hold or carry Hunter anymore has greatly diminished, which has helped to greatly decrease the "twiddling" of my hair (and no, I've yet to feel even remotely sad over this).  However, when I'm laying down with him at night he still insists on twiddling a strand of my hair, and lately it's turned into tying knots - which does not make mommy happy.  But the other night I couldn't help but laugh when he told me, "Mommy, it's ok if I twiddle knots in your hair. . . I'm strong, and I can pull them out."  ;)  
I've made the mistake with 'never say never' but mark my words - Hudson will not twiddle my hair as his comfort.
Hunter's need for 'attention' has increased (as too be expected) and these silly faces and fake "cheezes" have become apart of our new normal.
When did he he become a full blown little boy???  Where did my baby/toddler disappear to??
Here are a few things our 3 1/2 year old has been saying lately:
-- "Pretty bit"  as in "Daddy is pretty bit hot and I'm sweating out"
-- "I imment" (I isn't or I'm not)
-- "Nah"
-- "Shooter shots" in exchange for "oh shoot"
-- "I'm too tired"  reguarding anything he does not want to do "I'm too tired to open my mouth" (to eat)
-- "Ass-e-dent"  he has ALOT of them, especially when it comes to aiming his pee-pee into the potty
-- "I just thought bout that" and "I just already know that"
-- "But but but but...."
-- "I need help, that's what's the problem"
-- Being around so much family during the holidays, Hunter has started referring to us as "Mandy & Andrew" on many occasions.  He's truly not trying to be funny or ornery, that's just what comes out.  It's so funny to hear him say our names.
-- "Pee-You!  Grandmommy, did you burn some bacon?"  hahahah
-- He's started talking to himself or out loud in general, while in time out on the naughty step.  I heard him recently say, "I can't DO ANYTHING" lol
-- "It's going to take AGES!"
-- "Hosea, hosea"  (no way Hosea)
-- H:"Boobies!  Boobies!"        Me:"Hunter that doesn't sound like nice words. Don't say that anymore."        H:"But it's a funny word..."
-- He's also started growling or grunting when upset or told no (which he gets disciplined for)
-- Diaper instead of "biper". . . this one will be missed, as it was one of my favorite baby words :(
-- H:"My underwear is getting in my booty - I don't like that."        Me:"Me either."        H:"You dont wear underwear, you wear panties mommy."
-- And the most noteworthy comment came while visiting Grandmommy & Pops.  Hunter had just gone #2 and was begging for Pops to wipe his bottom.  I knew Pops would prefer I handle it so to make it easier, I just told Hunter that "Mommy is going to, because Pops doesn't wipe bottoms."  He processed that while I took care of the matter and then asked in that precious way only he can, "So Grandmommy wipes Pops' bottom?"  ;)  of course we all he-hawd over that one for hours
As Hunter steps into his role of Hudson's big brother, I can only pray that their relationship grows stronger and closer with time.  I am so thankful that they will have each other to enjoy life with.  Who knew I'd ever feel this way. . . My two boys.
I have no idea what the future holds for me with these two precious little men, but I'm positive that my hands will be full and my heart even fuller. 

And the Spirit of the Lord will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.
Isaiah 11:2