Friday, September 28, 2012

Finally - 3rd Trimester Time

3rd Trimester!  
We made it 2/3rds the way!  
My view from the top.  So weird not being able to SEE large parts of your body - No matter how you try to twist, turn, lift or contort.  Hahaha
Stretchy t-shirts, comfy athletic shorts, & supportive shoes -- literally my complete wardrobe 6 days out of the week, and usually not even this cute.  Oh my . . .
So it officially "popped."
This did not happen during my pregnancy with Hunter.  Instead of popping out, my belly button just smoothed completely flat.  No such luck this time.
Hunter was the first to take notice . . . 
and constantly feels the need to try to "poke it back in."
I also got to celebrate my BFF's news!  We've done so much together throughout our lives, including having our 1st boys.  And now we are doing it again!  Who knows, we made best friends last time - maybe spouses this time???   ;)
29 Weeks
30 Weeks
(And My 6th year Anniversery!!  Of course there must have been a reason to have fixed my hair, put on make-up, and dressed in something other than lounge clothes.)
You'd think I would be able to feel my belly hanging out, NOPE!  Not until after I positioned the camera and was ready to snap the picture - I laughed, went to fix it, & then snapped away instead.  :) That's what an extra 25 lbs will do to ya!
I hesitated on posting this - but it was just too funny & since this is my life journal now, I didn't want to forget it!                   

8 Weeks                                      30 Weeks

     8 Weeks                     18 Weeks                       25 Weeks                      31 Weeks
                       8 Months
Couldn't find a cute maternity Razorback shirt - so I improvised & made my own  :)

33 Weeks
(bestie at 24 Weeks)

Oh This Again:
---KICKING . . . which feels more like a rabid cat trapped in a burlap sack, rather than the sweet kicks from a tiny baby.  
We've definitely come to the point of ACTUAL PHYSICAL PAIN. 
---This has also allowed us to enjoy many rounds of the "guess that body part" since his kicks and movements are practically visible from across the room now. My torso seems to be enduring spasms as it jumps from one side to the next, going from round, to pointed, to completely lop-sided every few minutes. As with my pregnancy with Hunter, I feel as though my moments of "stillness" are so rare that it would be impossible to keep track of his kicks throughout the day. 
---I may just be a bit more aware this time, but I feel like I can tell or notice the difference between his shifting positions - mainly the difference between him being "transverse" (horizontal) or "head down." After days & days of absolute misery, both for me & what felt like for him too, he finally found a comfortable less painful position. Yeah. But it still feels like we are both completely out of room.  
---I've absolutely been waddling, probably for quite a while, but it's REALLY been noticeable lately.  I continually misjudge my belly circumference as I bump counters, knock things over, scrape edges (or people) as I "squeeze" past, and I can just about forget trying to reach anything - as I now have to put my belly on top of the counters to reach into the cabinets or turn off the sink . . . 
---And once again I am left wondering, can I get any bigger??

New This Time:
---The fact of KNOWING that I will get even bigger . . . which is both scary & comforting, if only for the fact that I feel as if I've completely run out of room and we still have several more weeks of sharing belly space & growing to endure together. 
---I don't remember having these exact feelings with Hunter, but I often feel like this baby is so uncomfortable that he's trying to dig his way out or if he were on the outside he'd just stretch out and say Ahhhh . . . which makes me kinda sad for him, if he really is that uncomfortable. Or maybe it's that I'm just so ready to hold him & cuddle him, and know he is safe & happy in my arms. :) 
---Although I had some fairly intense back pain last time, that was pretty much it - now I can add terrible hip pain, aching & swollen feet, AND back pain to the list. 
---After my last trip to the doctor I added a daily prescription for my crazy miserable indigestion & heartburn - which has been UHHH-MAZING. Praise Jesus. 
 ---As mentioned - the belly button popped out. :( As have my hips & booty. (I'm definitely growing a little more everywhere else this time, rather than keeping it confined to my belly region. hmmm) 
 ---I got to thinking the other day that I've really not had that many food cravings throughout this pregnancy. Early on I had a few that I noticed; salt, chips, pickles, and salt :) along with aversions to most sweets . . . but now I just like it all. My typical food choices: Raison Bran Crunch cereal or PB toast for breakfast, deli turkey (I know, I know) with cheese & chips or a Smart Ones meal for lunch, then snacks of popcorn, fruit, or PB & nilla wafers w/ choc milk, and of course my same dinner favorites - spaghetti, taco salad, turkey/walnut "sweet" salad, or just a good ole' PB&J. Something new I have added during this pregnancy is my Spark - placebo or not, I swear it gives me more energy and helps me "feel better" during those draggy days. I just hope its true that the added caffeine won't really effect my little guy. 
---CONTRACTIONS - yes, I'm still having them. No more than 4 an hour, but pretty consistent throughout the day, especially if I've been on my feet for over an hour or so. These contractions have added to my anxiety during this pregnancy. 
---My anxiety over this pregnancy, is so much higher this time around.  Just the other night, while Andrew was gone elk hunting & I was home alone with Hunter, my baby belly was SO uncomfortable that of course my mind started going crazy thinking all these thoughts of what 'could be' happening, and what might happen.  I literally layed on the couch trying to determine if I was actually hurting enough to go to the hospital or was it just anxiety that I was feeding into. I finally went on to bed praying it was anxiety that God & sleep would remedy. SO crazy how my mind can be consumed with frightening thoughts of something "happening" this time . . . which is where God takes over. 
---But more than anything, I think the biggest difference is how READY FOR HIM to get here we all are. I can not wait to see what he looks like and kiss his cheeks and snuggle him. I also can't wait for his big brother to meet him and witness all that is to come with that.  Having Hunter already is absolutely the biggest difference; his excitement & enthusiasm, his love, his energy to keep up with, and of course - the huge difference of having one child, versus two. 
---Which makes me stop and question - am I sure I'm ready?? Lol  I'm finally getting the hang of things, and life is drastically going to change in just a few short weeks . . . how exciting . . .

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you. Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act. 
Psalm 37:5,7

Monday, September 24, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

Good-Bye Summer . . .
I'm not sure what difference a day makes, but I've always thought of Labor Day Weekend as the official end to summer.  
I'm sad for summer to be over (since I look forward to its warm, sunny, & long days all year long) but I'm also very excited to welcome my next favorite season 
And what says Fall better than Razorback Football??
And well, busting at the seems as I am, we opted for air condition & the comfort of our home to cheer on our beloved Hogs during their first game this year
It's always fun to have friends over - but then typically I miss the entire game because us girls are too busy chatting about everything else - hahaha   Good thing we have husbands & replays to keep us up to speed  :)
(these were supposed to be their "tough" looks. But instead I just think they look bored or aggravated) HA 
We also celebrated Davin's 32nd birthday, along with our 1st VICTORY of the season.
GO -- HOGS -- GO
(I couldn't help but reflect back . . . wow how fast they grow)
 Our 5 "little piggies" excited & patiently waiting for some cake.

September 2, 2012
Celebrating 6 Years of Marriage
This was my oh-so-clever-hand-made "card" Andrew gave to me . . .   Have to say it made me laugh, which was what made me fall in love with him in the first place.  Glad he can still make me smile  :)
And after 6 years of marriage, 2 amazing little boys, 2 different homes, several job changes, numerous difficult life challenges, and countless precious memories made. . . 
We are Blessed & Thankful beyond measure
 We sent Hunter to Russellville to visit both sets of Grandparents for a couple days while we tackled some projects around the house that needed to be completed (free from the guilt our little guy can lay on  us with his, "You wanna pway wif me now?" line).  We worked our tails off and then celebrated all of our accomplishments, both from the day & over the years, with dinner and one of our favorite desserts.
Amongst the projects, we managed to squeeze in some down time too - Andrew played golf & I savored my last pool day (CHILD FREE) Like I said, I don't know what it is about Labor Day but something just happens and for whatever reason, we never get in the pool after the holiday).  I think it was only the 2nd time all summer I've been in the pool without my little man splashing around -- which allowed me to float on a raft and even finish the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy. 
Such a great weekend.
 While reading "Mockingjay," I was also able to enjoy this sweet bird that kept visiting me.  :)  I LOVE watching those tiny little Hummingbirds.
With all the rain we've been blessed with during the last couple weeks, our yard has come to life again . . . such a peaceful joy
Happy 6th Anniversary Babe
Only 6??  hahaha.  I mean, we sure have done alot in such a short length of time.  :)  I can't even imagine what the next 6 will bring - Craziness!  I love that we've had our ups & downs and highs & lows, and we've continued to grow stronger & closer through it all. (proof from our marriage assessment quiz - lol)  I cherish every memory we've made together and will forever be thankful that God gave me you to share them all with.  You are still the "tall, dark, & handsome" man I married, but with so many countless extras I've discovered over the years.  You take care of our family in every way and are a better father than I ever could have prayed or hoped for.  Thank you for choosing me to share life's journey with.  
I love you -- Always & Forever

Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to Him.
You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your sons will be like olive shoots around your table. 
Yes, this will be the blessing for the man who fears the Lord.
May the LORD bless you from Zion all the days of your life; 
May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem, and may you live to see your children's children.
Psalm 128

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hunter Goes to the Dentist

Being a Mommy & a Dental Hygienist, has caused me to take a special concern over my little man's teeth.  So when I noticed a gaping hole in one of his baby molars at about 18 months - I totally freaked. I mean seriously??  We had all been suffering through months of brushings that included me holding his head between my legs-pinning his arms down with my thighs-while he screamed hysterically, just to insure they were cleaned thoroughly.  So yes, you can say I was more than a little upset when I saw the black hole starring back at me (upper right 1st molar for future recall).  I predicted what the future held for that precious baby tooth . . .  which became clear after Hunter's first trip to the pediodontist -- a pulpotomy & stainless steel crown, if we were lucky and it didn't have to be extracted.  :(  The mommy/hygienist in me hated the fact he would now have that shiny silver tooth for the next 6 years but more than anything, I knew it was going to be quiet the ordeal to even complete the procedure and I really didn't want him under IV sedation.  Hunter's pediodontist, Dr. Rhodes, is so great.  He understood my hesitations & fears and attempted a couple new treatments to prolong the tooth's life until he was finally big enough this year to have the pulp/crown procedure completed.  He also comforted me by saying that the tooth most likely erupted incomplete, allowing the decay to attack it so easily.  Hunter loves Dr. Rhodes' office, but hasn't ever been much a fan of anything past the waiting room.  hahaha  So I was completely shocked when this time he was such a big boy and went along with everything that was asked of him -- with absolutely no tears.  
He was of course a bit nervous & hesitant . . . 
But he was so great and even allowed a mouth full of x-rays.
His favorite part was the special tv with headphones just for him to use.
He even got his teeth cleaned
. . . and showed us a smile after everything was finished
I was thrilled to find out that during our waiting period for Hunter to "get bigger" they had brought in a nurse anesthetist to perform in-office sedation.  
Praise Jesus - such an answered prayer.  
Hunter was very brave (more so than Mommy & Daddy I believe).  And arrived that morning very excited to watch "the chipmunks show" and didn't even try to fight off any of the equipment or people OR CRY.  In fact the nitrous gas made him super giggly and spacey, so he didn't even flinch when they gave him his shot for sedation.
After he drifted off to dream land, we waited in the waiting room until the procedure was completed, and then returned to hold him as he woke back up.  It was both funny and scary to see him in that kind of state; moaning and slurring his speech, limbs flopping around with barely any control.  I was just ready to get him back to normal & home safe, and then just hold him the rest of the day.  (because of the meds, it took several hours to gain back full body muscle control)  So that's what we did - after waking up enough to drink some kool-aid we were allowed to go home, where we spent the next several hours piled up on the couch, cuddling and watching movies.  :)
And here it is . . .  our shiny tooth . . . and hopefully our LAST
**While we were brushing the other night, I was once again explaining the reasons why we brush, "so those cavity bugs won't make holes in our teeth and make us get more silver teeth."  Hunter tried to argue that no, that was his "special tooth that Jesus gave" him.  hahaha--NO . . . Although a sweet thought.  I told him Jesus gives us our pretty white teeth and when we don't take care of them, then the dentist gives us those silver teeth.  ;)

I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.  
Philippians 4:13