Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Month of Thankfulness

November is always one of my favorite months of the year, since it includes my birthday, Thanksgiving, and typically gorgeous fall weather!  And this year didn't disappoint - it was wonderful!  Then, on top of everything else, Hunter officially turned 2 1/2.  He's looking and acting so BIG!  It's funny to me, how I see him as my tiny baby boy so much of the time, and then I look at him sometimes and I see this grown-up little boy!  I think alot of it has to do with the way I dress him. Around the house he's often running around in diapers & a onsie looking like my "tiny tiny," but when I get him dressed in his big boy clothes (see, I told his daddy he'd wear them after he turned 2) he morphs into this adorable little boy.  :)  I thought he looked so cute the other day when I was trying to decide what outfits we'd wear for our fall family photo session, that I couldn't help but take a mini one for myself!  
Tree sap and a 2 year old . . . not the best combination
Hunter got his 1st splinter as a result of trying to take pictures by the fence . . . You'd have thought his entire hand was destroyed.  He was so funny keeping it tucked to his side and babying it!  Luckily between the fine skills of mommy and daddy, we were able to tweeze it out during nap time, while little man just snoozed away.

Still working on potty training - Just another attempt to make it fun!
I'm not sure what it's going to take to make it all "click" because for the most part, Hunter clearly understands how it works, and can make it a full day without accidents if he's naked.  But as soon as I put on a diaper or underwear, the story changes.  I figure if we were in the middle of summer at this point in his adventure, we might have it conquered in a few weeks.  But now that it's getting cold around the house, his layers are making things even more difficult . . . who knows, he maybe be 3 before we get this down right.

Since Ava's baby brother Landon Michael (aka Otis) was born a couple weeks ago, 
these two have been able to spend a little extra time together.  On this particular day, Ava came over for a play date so that her momma could get a few things done . . . and boy did these two cutie-pies have some fun!
Seriously . . . too cute!
So here's the funny story behind these next pictures:
During one of our "naked days" of potty training, Hunter decided that he wanted to go outside to play in the sand box.  My mom called during our discussion of this decision and so my quick answer was, "well first you need to put some clothes on because it's a bit chilly outside."  I went on to answer talk to mom and Hunter dashed upstairs.  After a few minutes he came bouncing back to me shouting, "O-tay Mommy!  I's weddy!  Dot dwoves too!"  But when he came around the corner I burst out laughing!!  This was Hunter's first attempt at dressing himself, and man-o-man was he ever proud.  Tears literally ran down my cheeks as I tried to take these few picture of his precious ensemble.
We took a quick trip to 'Spa City' a couple weeks ago to visit Meme and our cousins.  It is always wonderful to relax at Meme's either working a puzzle, playing some games, or watching Hallmark movies.  :)  Hunter really enjoys playing with puppy Buzz and these two sweet boys as well. 
Meme and all her grandbabies . . . (minus Colt)
My Meme & Granny - what a lucky girl I am . . . I am so blessed to have shared so much with these two amazing women.  And I've always appreciated the fact that they love each other as well, and we are able to spend quality time all together!  I admire and love them very much and pray that we have many many more years making wonderful memories together.  
I love sharing my Meme with my with my little man.
Hunter's latest discovery in life has been the fun of 4-wheeling.  Since he loves it so much and Andrew has been checking out some potential hunting properties, we've made a few trips out to the woods for some gorgeous afternoon rides.
We also spent a BEAUTIFUL afternoon out at the farm.  Hunter was eager to ride the 4-wheeler and tractor and of course, feed the deer.
( I think my husband looks pretty handsome in his camo )
Hunter loved showing his Grandmommy & Pops around on the farm.
Possibly the most talked about activity my child has ever done.  He LOVES to feed corn to the deer at Pa's farm.
Breathtakingly Beautiful
Finally have a potty at the farm!
Fun memories . . .

I will thank You and confide in You forever, because You have delivered me and kept me safe. I will wait on, hope in and expect in Your name, for it is good, in the presence of Your saints.
Psalm 52:9