Wednesday, October 23, 2013


January is definitely NOT my favorite month.  In fact, it's probably my least favorite month out of the entire year.  I mean, its beginning, marks the end to one of the best months of the year--which I'm left feeling exhausted from. And besides the fact that it's typically pretty boring after coming out of the past 3 months festivities, it's also dark, and it's usually freezing cold? Brrrr  
I love watching these two become 'Brothers'
They warm my heart on even the coldest of days
Enough whining, because January does have a few positive qualities that come with it.  It does give the opportunity for a fresh start; or a New Year's Resolution.  I don't typically make resolutions (aka-set myself up for failure, HA!) but I do have a running list of personal and family goals that get a refresher in my mind.  January also helps to get us back in order. After all the decorations are boxed up & put away, life gets settled back into a quieter routine of being at home more.
We couldn't ask for 2 better helpers when taking down Christmas lights :)  
Sweet smiles & lots of energy
Love me some little boy selfies  :)
My little man is growing up so fast.  When it was time for KDO to start back after Christmas break, I was so proud of him for not crying even once at drop off!  This was a true answered prayer and milestone for our 3 1/2 year old dude.  He even sorta-kinda acts like he wants to go now as well!  So much improvement!
He's made two really good friends this year that I CONSTANTLY hear stories about; Jack Coleman and Owen Fries.  I'm sure these 2 boys have made Hunter's days at KDO much more enjoyable.  His teacher texted me this picture of them.
Pretty sure they have their hands full with this crazy trio.  :)
Although I wish I didn't have to drag him in and out of the cold weather & through germy preschool hallways, I sure love my little snuggle bunny in the back seat.
He can't help but fall asleep, snuggled down all warm in his carseat most trips home.
I've gotten into these mini photo shoots (that often make me late) before KDO every Monday & Thursday -- I just can't help myself.  I mean seriously, look at these handsome boys!!
Hunter has always been facially expressive... these are a few faces I always want to remember: the first one says, "uhhh... I just know that" & the third says "humph"

I thought I'd never purchase clothing just because I thought my child would enjoy what was pictured on it...  Never say never.  "Mighty Trucks" make this little man - happy, happy, happy!
 Look what else happened this month at KDO...
Hunter took his 1st nap of the year - which shocked even his teachers, who sent me this precious pic
While Hunter attends Kids Day Out, I get the special privilege of spending some quality one-on-one time with sweet baby Hudson (often resulting in more mini photo shoots)  :)
Some weeks these are the only times I feel like I can just sit and stare at him, and soak all that sweet baby goodness up.  Knowing how fast it goes by, I'm doing my best to not let it slip past me.
These special pictures were also taken for another special reason -- Hudson's 1st time to be left in childcare.  Mommy started Fit For Christ, a workout class at church, when we was 8 weeks old.  I was a little hesitant about leaving him but I was SUPER proud of my little man when I picked him up and there had been no tears shed-YEAH!  Much different than I'd grown accustomed to with Hunter.  ;)
Although KDO days are so much fun for all of us, our days together at home are still the most fun of all ;)  I had been wanting to try this recipe for "cloud dough" (yes, Pinterest) for a while, and even though it was fairly messy -- it was lots of fun!
I will always love little hands and chubby fingers
Pretty sure that the remnants of 'cloud dough' will hang around in our grout for years to come  ;)
Not only do we get messy, but we get crafty too!
And of course, there's LOTS of imagination & playing.
Hudson is pretty chill & loves to watch his big brother play while he relaxes in the bean bags.
Although it does get pretty exciting at times  ;)
We also enjoy our time spent with friends...
It's in these moments, when they are just being themselves & don't know we're watching, that their preciousness peaks
(Ava & Hunter holding hands, excited to play together at the mall)
I love this picture because I know how truly happy Hunter was.  He LOVES to play with "big boys" and Brody is one of his favorite "big boy friends."  haha  So sweet.
Noah & Hunter have LOADS of fun together.  ;)  especially when rain & mud are involved!  Neighbors that are friends = awesome
We had a few celebrations in Jaunary, with the first being a gender reveal party for Mark & Jill's second child.  The anticipation & excitement built as Kellen pulled open the box. . .
Yeah -- Now Hudson will have a buddy to play with on play dates too!
Can't wait to welcome baby boy Robertson to this steadily growing group  :)
Then we celebrated Kellen's 4th Birthday at Boingo Bounce.
This little man loves marching bands & parades & requested this theme for his cake -- sweet boy ;)
Hunter thought the "spots" were the best part
I'm not sure who was more excited about the shotgun gift we brought... Hunter or Kellen?  HA!
Such a joy to watch these friends grow up together
And just a couple weeks later, it was time to celebrate Payton's & Parker's 4th birthdays at the same place - this time with a snowman theme.
Hunter man has finally started showing some signs of big sibling rivalry that we'd anticipated might show up, although he's actually done MUCH better with this major life change than we'd expected.  I mean, I can't really blame him, knowing how much attention he used to get compared to what he's receiving now.  For the most part it's just been his HIGH need for attention and acting out with his all boy high energy craziness to get it.
Thankfully it only lasted a few days, but we had a few episodes where lying became an issue.  As in this particular day when he insisted that he did not put any colored bath tablets or bubble bath into the water. . . (His argument was so convincing, that as pink & bubbly as that water was, I had to pray for strength to follow through with a consequence. No joke.)  And praise Jesus for guiding me through that week!  So glad to be on the other side of that one.  HA!
Hunter undoubtedly loves Hudson so much and loves showing him off to his friends or even strangers.  He is so proud of him and I just love it.  He always wants to get in on the photos when I'm trying to take pics of Hudson -- bonus for me, because this seems to be the only way I can get him to look happy in pictures!
Now I have TWO snuggle bunnies
So although January may not be my favorite month, in the end, it was still full of happy memories and most importantly -- Love.
Hunter continues to keep us on our toes & makes life entertaining for sure...
while Hudson reminds us to slow down and enjoy all the precious little moments that go by so quickly.
Oh to hang on to this sweetness forever...

“But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hand.”
Psalm 31:14-15