Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birth - Day Baby Hudson

November 6, 2012

I left my last check-up, on the 1st, a little anxious considering I'd been told that not only was he measuring big at 8'5 already, but I hadn't dilated, meaning that they wouldn't induce me because I hadn't progressed any.  So it was looking like my dreams of a 'tiny baby' arriving a couple weeks early, just wasn't going to happen...  
Then after spending ALL DAY Monday (5th) cleaning my house like a CrAzY woman and then staying up incredibly late reading up on baby topics like breast feeding, infant sleeping techniques, and newborn care (I was surprised with how much I'd forgotten and then hadn't prepared for) . . . I woke up at about 3 am as my water broke.  I was instantly excited, then confused, when I realized I wasn't having any contractions.  I woke up Andrew & then contacted the on-call OB nurse to ask what we should do.  She okayed my request to stay at home until my momma could get here, possibly allowing us a little more sleep & keeping us from dragging a super-tired 3 year old to the hospital.
Although it took over an hour to settle my excitement, I finally went back to sleep and was able to squeeze in a couple more hours of rest so that I'd have a little more energy to CELEBRATE Hudson's arrival!  Momma & Granny showed up around 7 and we spent a couple hours getting ready for the BIG DAY and cherishing some last moments as a family of three with our first baby boy.

--Election Day--
I'd promised my Granny that I'd MAKE SURE and get my vote in before Hudson arrived, but as it turned out I'd never made it to the polls . . .  so since I still hadn't had any contractions and was feeling pretty good, I made sure to keep my promise and had Andrew make a pit stop at the voting booth on our way to the hospital.  Of course the elderly ladies working the booths went into fits when Andrew announced my water had broken hours earlier and we were just stopping by to cast our vote, on our way to deliver our little man.  :) 
It was such an odd feeling walking through those hospital doors . . . anticipating what all was to come.  With Hunter, I was in such great pain, I wasn't thinking about much of anything except for making it stop.  So rather than pain, I was overwhelmed with excitement, joy, anticipation, and just a tad bit of fear (having birthed a large baby already, I was praying for a much easier delivery this time).
Finally around noon, they had settled me into a room, and since I still hadn't dilated, started me on pitocin to 'get things going.'  I begged Mom & Granny to bring Hunter to the hospital because time was creeping by.  He of course was a little hesitant about all the 'hospital equipment' but gave me the hugs & kisses I needed, and then retreated to his Daddy's lap to play games on the IPad & computer.  I was just happy to have the sweet distraction.
As the pitocin kicked in, so did the pain - and quickly.  Last time I was begging for an epidural & barely felt it due to the intense pain I'd been in, this time however the pain was still bearable, allowing me to be incredibly nervous about having a needle stuck in my spine.  But I was pleasantly surprised that my fear & anxiety over it, was way worse than the epidural itself.  But what the epidural didn't help -- was the fact that I was starving.  I'd only allowed myself a piece of toast for breakfast and was now kicking myself for laughing off Andrew's suggestion that we could hit up Cracker Barrel on our way to the hospital as well.  NOTE TO SELF: EAT, even if you aren't hungry - you WILL BE!  Luckily my precious little boy snuck me a handful of animal crackers when nobody was looking.  :)  Though I think it made me hungrier.  I kept joking about it, but I was being serious - I was SO HUNGRY that I couldn't wait to have him, just so I could EAT.  When the nurses would ask me about my pain levels, I'd tell them I was fine - but I REALLY NEEDED FOOD.  hahaha  It's funny now, but at the time I was serious.  I can't ever remember being that hungry before - it was literally the worst part of the day.
We struggled all afternoon trying to get my epidural to work fully, but it never settled in like the one I had with Hunter (which was PERFECT).  I was dead to the world from my toes to my hips, but didn't have much relief from the contractions throughout my abdomen.  :(  I'd been progressing about 1cm every hour, so at 6pm & 6cm, Dad took Hunter to the house & mom & granny headed out to grab some supper.  As they were leaving I started having really intense contractions & buzzed the nurse. (I was so nervous my epidural would fail completely and I'd have this big boy natural!) By the time she arrived, my pain scale had jumped from about 4 to around 8 and even though I was basically numb, "something was really hurting-constantly- and not like a contraction."  She decided to check me again although it'd only been 20 min, and was surprised to announce I'd progressed to 10 cm and that "something" was the baby's head.  :)  We called mom and she rushed back to the hospital just in time!
Dr. Partridge was on-call and barely made it in time. Since I could FEEL the contractions, all it took was a few good pushes and Hudson Ryder made his birthday debut at 7:21 pm.
It was very different the second time around.  One, I was WAY more concerned about how the actual delivery went rather than being totally consumed by his arrival.  Secondly, I was just so much more aware of everything.  I think with Hunter, I didn't know what to think - my mind was deliriously fogged.  hahaha  With Hudson, I felt more actual emotion (as did Andrew), and I stayed in a clearer mindset that allowed me to notice all the details - specifically, how much my stomach instantly deflated and how much 'lighter' I felt, finally allowing me to breathe!  :)
Andrew cut the cord & announced, "It's A Boy!"
I felt I didn't get many good pictures of Hunter in the hospital, so I'd stressed how important Andrew's job was this time.  It was SO DIFFICULT for me to pass off my camera to him and just lay in that bed across the room, hoping he got a couple decent shots . . .  He did pretty good  ;)
Another BIG BOY
Hudson weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz and measured 21 in long
(just 1 oz less than his big brother but 1.5 in longer -- making him seem much leaner)
In love immediately . . .
We couldn't wait to introduce Hunter to his "baby Hudson."  We also know our child and knew we'd have to handle this exciting 'change' with loving care.  Luckily, I'd seen the idea to have a gift that Hudson supposedly gave to Hunter, to help with the transition.  (nothing a few Dollar store prizes can't help!)
So Daddy brought Hunter in before everyone else and, as expected, Hunter shied away and wouldn't even look at or acknowledge mine or Hudson's presence.  Good thing we had the gift.  It was the double pack of silly putty that won him over.  I told him that one was for him & the other for his new baby brother - but he could choose who got which color.  For whatever reason, that's all it took.  :)
I'd love to know what all his little mind was thinking . . . what a journey it's been to get to this point.  Mommy's belly growing huge, naming our baby Hudson, and now he's here . . . he's 'real'.
I'll be praying that his eagerness to share with his baby brother continues  :)
There's just nothing like it . . .
seeing the child you've carried in your belly for so many months; the indescribable love for this little person you've just met - and yet know so well; holding such a pure gift of joy given through God's grace & blessing
Getting a good look at him
A bit coned-shaped but covered in beautiful dark hair
Time to share & pass around
Nothing was going to keep your Pa from coming up to see you, even a sick & very dependent Meme.  His excitement over you even surprised mommy a little.  :)
And even though Granny had hoped for a little girl, she couldn't get over "how pretty" you are and was immediately smitten. 
1st Family Photos
Clean-up Time for baby Hudson & DINNER TIME for Mommy!!  
Chic-Fil-A never tasted soooo good.
So earlier that morning I'd posted a picture of myself on Facebook, joking that I was in labor and still voted, so if I could do it, so could everyone else.  As it turned out, that post had caught the attention of several news stations. WHAT??  I started getting texts & messages from friends & family from all over the state saying - I saw you on the news!!  hahaha  Then I was contacted by a couple different stations, wanting to come to the hospital for an interview. We decided to politely decline after such an exciting and exhausting day but the special attention was a fun memory for a very special day. 
Back from his bath & smelling so sweet.
And finally ready for some sleep
It was quite a night.  I'd planned on getting some much needed rest knowing Hunter was at home being taken care of but Andrew & I agreed it was probably the worst night's "sleep" we'd had in years - Oh. my. goodness.  Nurses, machines beeping, doctors checking... we were ready to scream & beg for some peace and quiet.  
Unlike our first night with Hunter - who cried so much we finally sent him to the nursery just to finally get some rest ourselves, Hudson was the perfect newborn, although he acted as if he was starving & insisted on trying to nurse continuously throughout the night.
When morning came, I slipped off his little cap and discovered our little man had a large 'bump.'
We sent him off to the nursery with a big  ??  and when he returned we were told that it was a large hematoma that he'd received during childbirth, most likely because he came so quickly & hit his head on my pelvic bone.  :(
Because babies with these hematomas are at a higher risk for having jaundice and low WBC counts, which would keep his blood from clotting, it was decided that he should wait to have his circumcision and stay an extra night for observation.  Even though I was concerned and asked several questions, it seemed like the general answer was, "don't worry about it, it's fine, it'll go away."
 We tried to push our worries aside & spent the day snuggling our newest man
Big Brother's Turn
Grandmommy with her 2 boys
Loving Our Family of FOUR
So much preciousness - I can hardly take it!!
Four Generations Strong
Our second night was much more restful but we woke up to an even bigger 'bump' on Hudson's noggin'.  Then we learned that all of the test results came back negative for any blood disorders or jaundice - Praise Jesus.  But because of a slight miscommunication we had to wait another day to get him circumcised.  : /  
Daddy & Hunter took a trip to the Health Department to get updated on their shots - both got their flu & pertussis vaccines.  Hunter was proud to show off & share his stickers for being such a great big brother.
Knock on wood, but our second little guy seemed to be a bit more content swaddled up warm & cozy and laying in his bed while Mommy enjoyed a clean shower and some much needed rest.  :)
Wonder what he's dreaming about?
It'd been a long two days and we were really ready to get back home and settle back into life - or begin our NEW life, as a foursome.  All we needed was this huge belly-button alarm removed!
Started the paci early this time - maybe he'll like it - fingers crossed
Hunter picked out Hudson's going home outfit all by himself.  He saw it at Wal-Mart (his favorite store) and insisted that baby Hudson needed it.  So when it was time to pack our hospital bags, he ran upstairs and on his own, again picked out this gown for his baby brother to wear home.  :)  I couldn't resist the sweet gesture.
Everyone's buckled - and EXCITED
Welcome Home Sweet Baby Hudson
After a quick dinner & settling in, it was time for Hunter's "special treat" that he got to pick out after getting his shots...  'Madagascar 3'
Hunter insisted that his baby brother wanted to sit beside him and watch it also. 
Hudson enjoyed it thoroughly. 
My Tiny Baby Hudson,
Although you have just arrived, I've loved you and prayed for you for months & months.  I know you in a special way, only a mother can, and I am SO EXCITED to finally hold you in my arms.  You are absolutely beautiful and everything I could dream of (maybe a tad big, but hey, boys are supposed to be big.)  Everyone thinks you look like your mommy, and a little like your big brother, which brings such a smile to my heart.  I am crazy in love with you, as is the rest of your family, and I can't wait to get to know your little personality as we start this journey into life together.  My prayer for you, and your brother, is that above all other things, you each will each grow strong in the Lord, following Him all of your days, that you will love our family & be each others best friend, and that one day you will have a child of your own, so that you may possibly understand the depth of my love for you.
I love you my littlest man,

Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.
Jeremiah 1:5