Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mommy's March Madness

My little boy seems to be growing at an exponentially fast pace.  I mean, who is this BOY and when did he get so grown up looking??  Hunter LOVES his 1st pair of athletic shorts that I found at Rhea Lana's. (I held off as long as I could; and for good reason - he now wants to wear them everyday) He was so happy to look like Daddy.  He said, "They're my FAVORITE! Thanks mom for getting these shorts for me."  
Yep. He knows how to get me.  ;)
At least Hudson still lets me dress him like a baby.
I'm a sucker for bubble suits & jon-jons, although I (try) limiting them to special days & church.
 Have I mentioned Hunter is into taking selfies??  ;)
 Couldn't love these 3 more...

Hunter lately:
3 years old has had its challenges but oh.my.goodness. it's been pretty funny too.
He's always been full of personality, but recently he's been opening up and showing it to others a little more--which can have it's pros and cons, lol.  He's also entered a very hyper stage.  He's usually a mellow kid, but everyday around 5:00/daddy comes home, he starts bouncing off the walls!  I've been working hard to redirect the energy around this time into something positive but wow, it's a noticeable change.  And gone are the days of snapping a sweet picture too... now all I ever get are crazy poses and faces.  haha  
He's still my sweet boy though...  lately he's been telling me WHY he loves me.  
"I wuv you when you do stuff for me."
"I wuv you because you let me eat Ice Cream Sandwiches."
"I wuv you when you pway wif me outside."
He changes the reason continuously but they always make me smile.  So when I turned it around the other day and told him, "Hunter I love you even when you disobey mommy."  He replied -- "Nah."  haha I couldn't help but laugh as I reaffirmed the truth.  
Other cute Hunter blurbs:
--"That's not in my whole plan."
--"It's not on my list." or "Here, I'll write it on your list."
--"Sudden-wy" (suddenly)
--"Event-u-wy" (eventually)
--"I just wea-wized" (realized)
--"nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh" (while waving finger--usually to tell us his opinion or a different option)
--"Jack Pot"
--One night after I finished telling him the story of the 'The Big Bad Wolf', he said, "That's not the wolf story Daddy told me." hahha  Poor Daddy, doesn't know any nursery tales and tends to make them up completely... it's always pretty funny when Hunter relays Daddy's versions back to me.

I took advantage of these camera smiles and added baby brother during the pre-KDO photo op ;)
Hunter still dotes on this little guy and hasn't shown much brotherly competition or frustration.  He's still a bit rough with him but it's all out of love.

Every year, it seems that by March we are searching for things to entertain us... the itch for spring and warmer weather hits us hard!  So we did our best:

We babysat Landon - and I pretended that I had THREE little boys (quite possible with their age spread) and we had so much fun!  Hunter can't wait until Hudson is big enough to play like Landon.

And we experimented with some Pinterest ideas -- a very creative and messy activity for this guy.
We used a medicine dropper to make a baking soda masterpiece using colored vinegar
He cracks me up with how precise he is when we do projects 
it has to be 'Just Right'
It was FIZZY and FUN

We made an obstacle course -- and burned some much needed energy off
Hudson & Granny cheered from inside the warm house.

We dressed Hudson up and held another mini photo session with his grandmother & great-grandmother
Such a treasure it is for me, to be able to share my children and my motherhood with them.
A great honor & blessing.

We tried out a new sport -- riding a dirt bike (notice the training wheels, who knew there was such a thing?)  Andrew grew up on dirt bikes & motorcycles, and of course can't wait to involve MY PRECIOUS CHILDREN in these dangerous activities.  ;)   Of course, Hunter was pumped up and ready to take on the challenge.
And there he goes!  
Mommy almost had a heart attack as he jolted full speed towards that steep ravine! (and so did daddy, truth be told)  Thankfully he let off the gas long enough for daddy to catch up!
Future racer??  Not if mommy can help it.  ;)  But he sure looked cute on the thing.

We visited family in Missouri -- and had a blast playing with cousins.
I think these two pictures are so funny -- notice both my boys are the only ones laughing hahah
So happy Hudson has a future playmate the same age as him, like Hunter has.

We also met up with our family in NWA -- and enjoyed a Lake Fayetteville hike with these cousins

We had a pajama day -- because some days it's just nice to stay in your pjs
and play carnival games in your pjs
(and this is what happens when you leave your 3 year old playing quietly, to attend to your baby, and then rush back to check 15 minutes later because you realize he's now playing too quietly...)

We attended story time at the library with our best buds Jack & Ava -- and always come away with more books than I intend.
And Hunter COLORED for the 1st time EVER during the Library's craft time.  He's always just scribbled and cared less about coloring, but this time was different.  He sat down and concentrated on coloring, WITHIN THE LINES, and finished the entire bird!  I was amazed to say the least.  Proud mommy moment.

We also played in Hunter's favorite creek -- at Gulley Park with our sweet friends & neighbors.
Wouldn't know there was much of an age difference between these two little dudes...  they're best buds for sure.

And to top it all, we celebrated the first signs of Spring time -- Hunter came home from Kids Day Out, reached into his pocket and pulled these out, and said,
"Mommy I picked deez at school for you today.  Aren't dey pwetty?  I knew you would wuv to have dem."
You melt my heart sweet boy.

Therefore, imitate God like dearly loved children. Live your life with love, following the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us. He was a sacrificial offering that smelled sweet to God.
Ephesians 5:1-2

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